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˭ԧѡ˭ԧ鹨պؤԡ١ "" ѹ¨ԧ ͨ繽 ԹҼ˭ԧ ա֡ʹ ͢ͷӤѡ ͢Ѿҹ
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šԹ ֧š 繾鹷͵ԶժԵͧ˭ԧѡ˭ԧ (ǹ˭ Դµͧ) ҧ 㹡÷ѡ㨵ͧ ͹йҧ
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֧ͧš ѨغѹǺ䫵੾Ѻ˭ԧѡ˭ԧҡǺ ҧ www.lesla.com ѡɳ੾ФǺ䫵Ѻ˭ԧѡ˭ԧ ѧʹءʹҹѺҹ
觷ҧҢͧǺ䫵 ШѴշءѻ 繷辺ѧäͧ˭ԧѡ˭ԧ¹ ¡任 ¤Һѵüҹе

ǹ www.sapaan.org Ǻͧоҹ ҧͤѡǡѹ ǺѺ ˭ԧѡ˭ԧ·ӧҹ ʹͧ͡仨ҡͧҡ Ҩͧѧ ͧԷ ͧ˭ԧѡ˭ԧ ͡ҡѧաѹͷӡԨҧ ʹ 价Ӻح ͧǵҧѧѴ ҹ աêǹѹѺзҹѧä ٴ¡ѹš
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աǺʹ㨤 www.pingfavilunda.net ǺǺѺҹ¹ͧ˭ԧѡ˭ԧ੾
Ǻͻԧѹ Ҩҡ͹ǹ¢ͧҢͧǺ Ҫ'Ǵ յͧ͡ 繼˭ԧ ͧͧ 觹͡ҡҹ¹ͧҪ'Ǵ ѧէҹ¹ҡǷͧ ǹ ͧ (յФ˭ԧѡ˭ԧ) ͧѡ¹ ѡŤ ҨѤ Ҫվ

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֧š ҡҼ˭ԧҧ س ͨ繢һШӢͧ Ǻ䫵˭ԧѡ˭ԧ ǺǺ˹觷¹ҹ.


˵ : ٪Ǻí. ¶֧㹷͹鹵 䫵LGBT

ҡ Out and about ˹ѧ; The Nation
Published on May 21, 2004
ѧ ԢԵժҡ

The Internet has proven a lifeline for lesbians seeking contact with like-minded souls

There's no praise adequate enough for the Internet. Whatever the older generation makes of it, I think it's truly the eighth Wonder of the World. And for a gay person, the Internet
might as well be The Hanging Gardens of Babylon and the Taj Mahal rolled into one.

As all of us know, being gay isn't exactly a walk in the park - not now or in anytime in history. Straights have it easy.

When they're interested in someone, all they have to do is make eye contact or simply approach that person. And if they're too lazy to think of new tactics, they can get plenty
of outrageous advice in Cosmo and any number of "girls-wanna-know" magazines.

But for gays, things are more complicated - especially for gay women. We don't have "a scene" flooded with like-minded individuals, like gay men do. To approach another girl in the
real world - despite her obvious "Tom" looks - takes tremendous courage.

That's why cyberspace is a whole new world for lesbians, most of whom are still in the closet. It gives us a chance to understand one's own desires before leading to the forging of friendships and intimate relationships.

Ploy, a lesbian cybernaut, says she wasn't sure of her girl-loves-girl nature until she discovered a lesbian-oriented website which introduced her to others like herself and helped her to come to terms with her sexuality.

Another surfer, Nin, says the sense of community at such websites makes it easier talk about her problems. For example, when she mentioned problems with her lover, it was immediately
understood that she was referring to a she, not a he.

There are several lesbian-oriented websites on the Internet, each serving a different niche. For example, www.lesla.com caters to younger women with its annoucements of commerical
weekly parties where they can meet and socialise.

On the other hand, www.sapaan.org belongs to the Sapaan group whose aim is to create a cyber-venue for gay women. It targets an older group interested in discussing social issues and gay and lesbian rights. Occasionally, members meet face-to-face for activities and trips.

Another website of interest is www.pingfavilunda.net which devotes itself to local lesbian literature. Named after a novel by the webmaster, Rachawadee, it features lesbian-themed
short stories, novels, poems and works translated by a diverse range of local talents, both amateur and professional. (A novel by yours truly also appears on this site.)

As an escape from the male-dominated real world, where most gay women have to hide who they really are, cyberspace is a realm where they can truly be free to express their thoughts
and desires without the fear of being "discovered".

Who knows? The woman next to you may turn out to be a regular on these websites.